FB Collection offers juridical consultation on compiling and fulfillment of agreements. As each agreement is specific and terms and conditions are different, we approach each client personally and together we will draw up a draft agreement which is suitable just for you.

In the compilation phase we pay among other things special attention to ensuring that the fulfillment of the agreement is correct and guaranteed. For example in case of a loan agreement we help to make a n agreement that provides the highest possible guarantee that the loan is returned. We also suggest different clauses into agreements depending on whether the creditor is a private person or an entreprise.

Use of FB Collection’s arbitral tribunal can considerably save your time and decrease your costs on court proceedings that normally consist of state fees, proceeding fees, summoner’s fees and postal fees.

Additionally we offer consultancy on agreements that are already in effect and if necessary we propose changes to the in order to efficiently protect your interests.

If you wish your debtor paid the debt quickly and effectively, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.