Kadri, flat owner:

„I will tell you my story.

Many people have apartments where they do not live themselves and which are rented out to tenants. When renting a flat we always sign a rental contract where we agree on the terms and expect these terms to be followed. Unfortunately not all tenants are honest, hence we may soon face a problem that the tenant is not paying the communal fees nor the rent and the debt is starting to grow. In this case we mostly ask the tenant what the problem is and when can this issue be solved. We try to be patient and believe that everything will work out fine but after some time we must admit that our tenant is dishonest and is ignoring the owner’s requests – doesn’t answer the phone, doesn’t react to continuous reminders via e-mail or text message. Sometimes I have given my permission to bring tenants’ own furniture into the aprtment (which may mean that some of my furniture is taken out for storage) and after the termination of the rental contract it might become difficult to get my furniture back.

That was exactly what happened to me. I tried for 1,5 months to find a way to make the tenant return the furniture and the keys of the flat but I was unsuccessful until… it was all solved in 4,5 hours!

You ask how? I contacted FB Collection OÜ, they listened to my concern, we agreed on the terms and service fee and in 4,5 hours I was rid of my long-lasting problem.

Thank you so much, FB Collection!“

Story by Meelis
Story by Mari