About the company

FB Collection is a company established in 2013 helping creditors claim their debts by use of social networks and social media.

We are different from other companies that offer incasso services due to the use of new and effective approach – debts are claimed by using contemporary means, i.e. the social media.

Social networks play a bigger and bigger role in our every day lives, creating our image in the community and relations with other people. Negative information on the internet cannot be thrown into trash like a debt reminder on paper. That mark will stick to the debtor for a long time and has therefore an effect of an innovative public pillory.

FB Collection helps to claim all kinds of debts, even if they are not monetary but involve handing over belongings. For instance we can help when the tenant refuses to return your property key.

We approach each client personally, identifying the right means for a quick solution. We use a special action plan that makes the debtors act fast.
If you wish your debtor paid the debt quickly and effectively, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.